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Pain Compounds

Compounding is the art of preparing a customized medication for a specific patient's need.
  • Dye-free medication
  • Dosage form change, from capsule to a liquid
  • Unavailable or discontinue commercial medication
  • Custom mixture of two ore more ingredients
  • Custom formulation


Need help with shingles? We can help with our pain creams that typically contain a muscle relaxant, dissociative anesthetic and Gabapentin for nerve pain. These formulations are customizable and can be changed due to doctor or patient preference.

Orthopedic Pain Creams:

We offer many formulations that our local orthopedic pain doctors love to utilize. Our formulations can contain up to eight different active pharmaceutical ingredients that help reduce pain symptoms.  Contact us today for more information about our pain formulations.

Arthritic Pain Creams:

Do you enjoy getting out and playing in the outdoors? Our arthritic pain creams soothe those throbbing joints of yours so you can adventure again!

Compounding Q&A

Q: What is compounding?
Q: How does compounding benefit me?
Q: Can my child (or my elderly patient) take compounded medications?
Q: What types of prescriptions can be compounded?
Q: Will my insurance cover compounded medications?
Q: Is compounding expensive?
Q: Is compounding legal? Is it safe?
Q: Does my doctor know about compounding?